Monday, December 30, 2013

Palma Residence (Type B) @ Precinct 11 Putrajaya

Property: Palma Residence (Type B)

Type: Double-storey linked house

Location: Precinct 11, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Developer: Putrajaya Holdings (PJH)

Floor plan:

Good in Feng Shui:
  • The number of rooms in First Floor is 6.
  • The Main Door is strategically located to avoid facing with the end of staircase.
  • The WC in Bath 1 is strategically located to avoid to be right on top of the main entrance.
  • All WCs are not conflicting with the house's direction.
  • The house is rectangular in shape.

No good in Feng Shui:
  • The number of rooms in Ground Floor is 4.
  • The Master Bedroom seems to be larger than Living Room.
  • Master Bedroom door is directly facing the door of Bedroom 3, but they are quite far apart.

The above comment is solely based on floor plan and for discussion only. Consult a Feng Shui master for more complete and professional view.

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