Tuesday, January 14, 2014

M Residence 22x80 2-storey superlink @ Rawang

Property: M Residence superlink

Type:  22x80 2-storey terrace house

Location: Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Developer: Mah Sing Group

Floor plan:

Good in Feng Shui:
  • The number of rooms in Ground Floor is 6. The number of rooms in First Floor is 7.
  • The rooms size are appropriate.
  • All WCs are not conflicting with the house's direction.

No good in Feng Shui:
  • The Main Door is facing the Refuse Chamber in front of the house.
  • There is a toilet at Ground Floor located under the staircase. It is not well ventilated too.
  • The WC in Bath 1 inside Master Bedroom seems to be on top of the Main Door.
  • The Store Room door seems to be partially facing the Main Door.

The above comment is solely based on floor plan and for discussion only. Consult a Feng Shui master for more complete and professional view.

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